The Joy Of Piano Improvisation

If you have never experienced the fun and joy of improvising on the piano, then you are missing out on a great experience. Imagine an artist who does not know how to draw or paint without tracing or copying another’s work.

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Do You Struggle With Proper Piano Fingering?

Do you ever notice piano players using awkward fingering when playing piano? Believe it or not, this is a rather controversial topic.

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Three Vital Ingredient’s Method To Practicing Piano

Have you ever felt as if your piano playing has become stagnant and is not improving no matter how much you practice? The answer may not be the amount of time you put in, but rather the strategy you use to practice properly.

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The piano or the keyboard which is better to learn

If your choosing to play the keyboard, learn that it has many advantages over learning how to play the piano. Tho’ you may think studying one is as easy as the other, the keyboard as an musical instrument is outstanding in a lot of ways.On a piano, you just have one sort of musical instrument that you will be able to play and that is the piano. Keyboards permit you to mimic the sounds of a lot of divers musical instruments. A few costlier keyboards can mimic the sounds of 100’s of musical instruments and permit your to put down tracks, on the keyboard!While you study how to play the keyboard, you’re learning all of those musical instruments without being forced to take extra lessons. Sounds can include:

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Learning To Play Piano Chords

If you are playing several notes at the same time, then you are playing piano chords. Simply put, when multiple notes are played together, piano chords are achieved. The chords then come together to form a melody. Every song that you hear has a melody and it is through each melody that music is achieved. Sound complicated? Well, that’s ok because it really isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

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